Throughout Southeastern PA, PECO has embarked on its Accelerated Gas Infrastructure Modernization Project (AGIMP), which will involve every municipality with gas service. The project encompasses:

1) Outdated gas main replacement
2) Replacement of outdated service lines to residences
3) Relocation of old gas meters still located inside homes to the exterior of customer properties.

This is a project that will take PECO close to a decade to complete in the region, although Bridgeport specifically will be affected for much of 2017. Bridgeport Borough has had preparatory meetings with PECO representatives in order to address the concerns that every town will have during this process. This page will include all information and supporting documentation related to the project.

When Will Work Begin: AGIMP is scheduled to begin in early April (4/3/17), although the actual date may vary with how quickly construction crews are able to finish the sites they are currently working on in other municipalities. Similarly, the completion date on November 22 is likely to get pushed as crews unearth unexpected problems throughout town.

What Streets Will Be Affected: AGIMP will affect the majority of the town’s streets, and clusters of streets have been broken into sections, A1 through A9. Specific crews will be responsible for each section, and once a particular section is complete, that crew will move to another.

Public Notification: 1. 10-14 days prior, PECO will drop letters at individual residences, notifying citizens of the impending construction. 2. Temporary no parking signs will be posted by the crews 3 days prior to scheduled work on given streets. 3. Anticipated work days for the crews is 7am-3:30pm. Residents will be able to park on their streets overnight in most circumstances. 4. PECO will need to gain access to the interiors of every residence during this project. Please understand that PECO has the right to gain access to your properties through the power given by the Pennsylvania Utility Commission.

Restoration of Borough Streets:
1. In situations where PECO must perform concrete restoration on residential properties, they generally return 30-60 days after the job is done to make repairs. All damages will be catalogued and tracked.
2. For road restoration, PECO generally backfills with hot patch macadam, and allows 30-60 days for settling, before returning to pave the street. For the streets that are completed closer to the November completion date, they will likely be temporarily restored throughout winter, and permanently restored once warm weather returns and asphalt production begins again.

The borough will make every effort to ensure that residents are kept up to speed with the AGIMP progress in their neighborhoods. The borough will make every effort to ensure that residents are kept up to speed with the AGIMP progress in their neighborhoods. This will undoubtedly be an inconvenience at times, but please remember that AGIMP is a 10-year project that is going to affect every municipality in Southeastern PA at one point or another. Thank you for your cooperation throughout this project

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